Announcing Online Word11 Pre-Event: Prefix

As excitement around the Word11 blogging festival grows, we’re pleased to officially announce an online pre-event that will help promote the value of blogging and social media in Canada and abroad, and provide a glimpse of what Word11 will accomplish.

On July 27, we’re hosting Word11 Prefix, a live stream featuring discussions led by renowned and knowledgeable bloggers and technologists. Attendees are invited to drop in to learn about blogging and social media topics, and directly connect with speakers and other attendees. Over the course of the all-day event, special announcements will be made and prizes will also be given away.

Registration for Prefix is free, and open to attendees worldwide.

View the live Stream here

We see Word11 as a physical gathering of blogging and social media influencers. Prefix will extend this event to those around the world who want to learn how to use online media to drive business and social change.

Together, Word11 and Prefix, will be a true celebration of the written and spoken word in the digital age.

As we prepare for this online event, we will be sharing more information and engaging in discussions with our attendees. We also invite you all to take part in this effort in any way possible. Please let us know if you’re interested!

4 Responses to Announcing Online Word11 Pre-Event: Prefix

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  3. Samuel says:

    It is a little something I have to do more research into, appreciate the posting.

  4. Elora Prownie says:

    Excellent article. Votre article est la suite au miens.

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