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We’re really excited to be bringing you our online event, Word11 Prefix, this week on Wednesday, July 27. In this post we’d like to draw attention to some of our esteemed guests, including Lorelle VanFossenFernando FonsecaErin Marchak, and Elana Roth. They’re all experts in their fields, and we’re extremely grateful to them for passing on their knowledge and experience.

Email Marketing for Your Blog
2pm ET / 11am PT
Presented by David Hamilton- Onlinefriendly.biz

What does email marketing have to do with having a successful blog? Email marketing can get your blog noticed, and form closer connections with your readers. In this presentation, writer and new media specialist David Hamilton explains some of the common forms of marketing emails and how they can add value to your blog.

UX: Developing content to enhance the user experience
3pm ET / 12 noon PT
Presented by Lorelle VanFossen

Renowned blogger and WordPress evangelist Lorelle VanFossen discusses blog writing and content generation to enhance the user experience. What does it take to create content that meets your goals and encourages visitor conversions to loyal fans? Learn to use Web analytics, demographics, customer touch points and more to serve up tasty content that makes them keep coming back.

Best Practices in Monetizing Blogs
4pm ET/ 1pm PT
Presented by Yasmine Mustafa

While it’s hard to quit your day job and blog full-time, it’s possible to make a decent income from your blog. In this presentation, 123linkit founder Yasmine Mustafa explains how you can effectively monetize your blog. 123LinkIt helps bloggers with affiliate marketing and building a passive income streams without having to know the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

Using social media for social change
5pm ET / 2pm PT
Presented by Fernando Fonseca

While blogging is powerful in itself, social media connected to a blogging platform can be an especially strong force. In this presentation, well-known (h)acktivist Fernando Fonseca will show how online activism can cause real-world change. Fernando was part of such a change as a member of an activist group in Portugal that used blogging and social media to help put public expenditure on the national agenda. At 5pm ET (2pm PT), learn from Fonseca how to have your voice heard online and off.

Hello Drupal! A short introduction to site building using Drupal
6pm ET / 3pm PT
Presented by Erin Marchak

In this session, independent Web designer and developer Erin Marchak will provide a quick introduction to building feature-rich community sites using popular content management system Drupal. Erin will help you get your feet wet with this powerful and flexible platform, and show you the tools available to create enticing Drupal sites. Join her to get started with Drupal.

Publishing smarter with Squarespace
7pm ET / 4pm PT
Presented by Elana Roth

Elana Roth will show some of the fantastic things that can be done with the Squarespace blogging platform. Both a diva of dead-tree and cutting-edge media, Elana brings a unique perspective to the world of blogging. Learn how simple and elegant blogging with Squarespace can be in this engaging session, and have your questions about the platform answered.

Ask Lorelle about WordPress
8pm ET / 5pm PT
Presented by Lorelle VanFossen

Lorelle VanFossen, who writes the enormously popular blog, Lorelle on WordPress, will be joining us to answer our questions about the world’s most popular open-source blogging platform – WordPress. From beginner troubles to walking you through advanced concepts, Lorelle will show you how to get your WordPress blog to work the way you want it to.

What it means to create content for the real world
9pm ET / 6pm PT
Presented by Adil Dhalla

Adil Dhalla co-founder of My City Lives, will be talking about what it means to create
content for the real world, and some of the projects that My City Lives is
currently working on to connect with people in real life.

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